Best Road Trips In America

Best Road TripsDid you just say that you are looking for an ultimate getaway? Apart from the best road trips Europe, why not consider having a road trip in America. It renders a one of a kind fun experience with spectacular sceneries, amazing roadside diners and impressive attractions. All of these lead to memorable road trips. With this, here are the best road trips to take in America.

Actually all of the road trips in America are both enjoyable and educational but there are five that really stand out.

The Pacific Coast Highway

This is the premiere road trips winding 1, 700 miles through the Pacific Coast starting from southern California to Olympic Peninsula of Washington. One of the best things about this route is that it offers breathtaking stop overs as San Francisco, Big Sur, Hearst Castle, Point Reyes National Seashore and many more. These are the reasons why it is considered as one of the best American road trips. The bliss does not end there, though. You might also want to consider walking along the beach Kalaloch area in Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

Kid stops are also included in the best attractions in this route. Why not share the fun of road trips with your kids on different amazing kid stops in America? This includes San Diego Zoo of Balboa Park, Astoria’s Lewis and Clark Nation Historical Park, Skunk Train in Redwoods, Mendocino and many more. If you are fond of creation, you would surely love the accessibility of state parks along the routes.

Not only that, there are also splendid beaches that would never fail to offer you thrill of fun and excitement. You might also want to include San Francisco in your itinerary as it offers multiple numbers of sites as well as activities that are surely perfect for your kids. There are so many reasons why such trips in America are worthy a trip and it’s for you to discover one of a kind experience.

Overseas Highway And Florida State Highway

Another world’s best road trips that you can consider is the 600-mile trip along the coastline of Florida Atlantic form the northeastern part of Jacksonville down to Key West. You will also be amazed with interesting stops along the trip which include St. Augustine- the oldest town in the United States. If you yearning for an excitement on the beach, you can satisfy your desire by taking a stop at Daytona Beach.

You might also want to drive your car in this breathtaking beach. Also, you might want to take a closer look on Henry’s Florida Keys Over Sea railroad which has been destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. There is no denying the fact that Key West is one of the road trips to take in America.

Newfound Gap Road/ Skyline Drive/ Blue Ridge Parkway

These seamless national parks render some of the most spectacular landscape that you can ever see in East Coast. Newfound Gap Road traces from Great Smoky Mountain National Park to Blue Ridge Parkway which then connect with Skyline Drive. These are also included in the best cars for road trips in America because of their amazing ambiance. Say for instance, the wonderful Skyline Driver is replete with road side trash, traffic lights and billboards. If you will take this road trip in America, there is no doubt that you will always be looking forward to doing it again and again.

US Highway 2

This is the northeastern United States highway that seamless zigzag thorough mountainous ranges and then connects with the northern Great Plains. This entire road trip covers about 3, 300 miles which include a 700-mile stretch in the beautiful Canada. One of the most astounding reasons why US Highway 2 is one of the best road trips to take is that there are impressive local museums and interesting coffee shops.

US Highway 935

This is an inviting 1, 300-mile drive that cuts through mountain valleys as well as high deserts. This highway traces in a north –south direction along with the most wonderful parts of Nevada, California, Washington and Oregon. There is no doubt that the best portion of this trip is the Owen’s Valley in California.

You would also find it worthy of your time to stop in the meek and small town of Lone Pipe. You would surely love watching western movies in this region. There are also amazing stops that you can consider such a Bodie State Historical Park and Reno’s discovery museum.

There you have it- the best road trips that you can take in America. You may now choose which route you will take. Look forward to amazing road experiences along the road by satisfying your sight as well as tummy. So, what are you waiting for? Plan for the best road trip and share the fun with your family or friends.